Pakistan USA Freedom Forum May Day 2014 Statement

by on April 23, 2014
Free Kashmir
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Stop Dividing Families
End the Raids and Deportations

Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (PUFF) appeals to everyone around the world, in every city and every nation, to stand for workers’ rights on May Day for the fight for a living wage [$15 in USA] and to unionize. We must show our strong displeasure to president Obama who deported record numbers of immigrants during his time in office. Similarly, Australia’s tactics of handling immigrants who are attempting to avoid the war zones [Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa and many others] by throwing them in jail against the UN charter are inhumane. Those who are attempting to flee, do so because of the effects of the Imperialist influences of the West, especially the government of the United States.

This May Day, workers stand against the imperialists who are attempting to divide and rule in Africa, Ukraine, Syria and many other countries.  The current policies that the West are trying to implement in these nations are forcing many to flee their homeland in order to support and ensure the safety of their families.

Pakistan USA Freedom Forum is proud of how the Pakistani people are dealing with Dictator Musharaf who overthrew the Supreme Court of Pakistan and arrested all of the judges who worked according to the Constitution of Pakistan. Allegedly accused of treason under the Constitution of Pakistan [Case is currently in High Court of Pakistan], Dictator Musharaf should be facing the law but his cronies are trying their best to create a war between the people of Pakistan and the Pakistani Army to distract them from his crimes. PUFF believes the Pakistani army is only loyal to Pakistan, not individuals like the POODLE OF BUSH Musharaf and Shoukat Aziz [former Citibank official and former Pakistani prime minister] which has resulted in bringing the Pakistani army to the lowest point in people’s opinions.

PUFF believes that May Day 2014 will be the global voice of the workers’ fight against wage theft [workers' tips being stolen and denying them a living wage], wage gap for women, union busting, DEPORTATIONS [legalization for all in the United States], torture in prisons like Guantanamo Bay, the West/United States’ international interference and wars for imperialist interests.

Dr. Muhammad ShafiquePresident Mr. Shahid ComradeGeneral Secretary(917) 280-0840

Press Release

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For more information contact: Teresa Gutierrez 917-328-6470

Press Conference on the Steps of Union Square


Organizers to Announce March and Rally Plans for May Day 2014

Community activists, union members, immigrant rights groups and many others will gather on the south side of Union Square on 14th St. Wednesday, April 23 at 12noon to announce plans for the annual May Day March at Union Square.

Organizers will provide details on the march route from Union Square to 26 Federal Plaza which will highlight important issues for workers such as fast food restaurants, gentrification and detention centers.

Thousands are expected to gather at Union Square as has occurred since 2006. This year’s main demands are: raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, legalization not deportations or detentions, and immediate contracts with full retro pay for all workers.
May Day 2014 will gather at Union Square on May 1st at 12noon and will march off at 530pm. All permits have been applied for and approved.

May 1st Where Union Square

April 25th Fundraiser

by on April 20, 2014
May Day 2014
Apr 25 Fundraiser

Pack the Courtroom for Victor Toro

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Tuesday, April 29th 930am

Victor has been fighting deportation since 2009. He is a Chilean activist who has been fighting for justice for workers all his life.

Don’t let the US government separate another family!

For more info visit o
Llame: (718) 292-6137

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